Bayside Shopping Centre - Frankston Victoria

Product Overview

Inspired by the beachside nature of Frankston, Techne Architecture's design of the Bayside Shopping Centre food court is functional but a lot of fun.  Completed with timber chairs, benches, monkey bars and rope wrapped lamp post.  You wouldn't be blamed for thinking you are having a stroll along the boardwalk of the nearby beach.  Techene's attention to details means the food court caters for all ages.  There are comfy chairs for the adults and playroom, cubby houses for the little ones.  It makes this food court a destination in its own right.

Following Techne's design, we have completed the full fit-out of the entire food court.  Majority of the furniture elements of this food court are custom-made and as a result, the overall feel of the food court is truly unique.  And we were able to showcase our ability to manufacture and deliver to our customer's specifications and at the best quality achievable.